3 Tips for Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Rapid weight loss plan is still a very popular topic for those are still searching weight loss tips now. Although it is impossible to feel any visible results within few days with your weight loss plan, there are three basic weight loss tips to assist you to make you feel the weight loss results as soon as possible. I could not predict when will you feel it, this is because it depends on your body type, your consistency and your determination in your weight loss plan.

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In fact, I have discussed some useful weight loss tips at my previous posts. I could consider the weight loss tips as shown below are the important extracts from my previous posts. If you keen to feel the results of your weight loss plan in short of time, then you may consider my advices in your weight loss plan now.

1. Mind Your Eating Habit

This is a basic rule that you must comply in your weight loss plan. Therefore, while you tend to make a success in your diet plan, you must start to eat healthy. Generally, you must avoid foods that contain with excessive fat, sugar and high calories (Again, please refer to food pyramid for your kind reference). It will make you step forward and faster to achieve the goals of your weight loss plan.

Other than that, you must be aware of the consumption of hidden calories and fats in certain kind of foods. Nowadays, you can see the market with “0%” sugar in your soft drink. In fact, it contains some harmful ingredients (colouring and artificial) and it would be an obstacle though out the journey of your weight loss plan.

2. Increase the Rate of Your Metabolism

In order to transform your body as a fat burning furnace, you have to ensure the rate of your body metabolism is high. It can be done by calorie shifting method in your weight loss plan. It means that you are encouraged to have your meals 5-6 times a day with appropriate proportions, instead of 3 times a day. This is becase you are likely to consume more calories to resist your hunger during your lunch and your dinner. With this method, you could avoid to consume extra calories and bad to your weight loss plan. For your information, 1500 – 2000 calories are sufficient in your diet plan (of course, you need to have exercise plan in your weight loss plan as well!).

In short, your body will burn body fat easily, if you could maintain the rate of your body metabolism at the optimum level. Indirectly, you could feel the rapid weight loss result within 3 months.

3. Implement Your Exercise Plan

You should understand that you will not make a success in your weight loss plan by carrying out a simple diet plan only, exercising is very important to stimulate your body in fat burning. I can say that cardiovascular exercise does help in fat burning, while strength training is likely to build up your muscle. Muscle does help your body to burn calories easily to carry out daily routine activities. Therefore, start to get an exercise schedule for your weight loss plan, if you wish to feel the visible result as soon as possible.

In conclusion, if you comply these three weight loss tips in your weight loss plan, your are almost success to fly off your extra pounds of your body very soon! Do not forget to subscribe my newsletter for further weight loss tips!

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