What is Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

Low carbohydrate diet plan does not mean that you have to cut off your daily carbohydrate intake, but you must monitor your daily carbohydrate consumption for your low carbohydrate diet plan. I found that there are some information and articles regarding to low carbohydrate diet plan are misleading, and useless. These articles claimed that one must cut off and low down their carbohydrate intake dramatically for their low carbohydrate diet plan. It is definitely wrong!

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A healthy weight loss plan is a perfect combination of fitness plan and diet plan. If you are thinking of low carbohydrate diet plan as part of your weight loss plan, you are advised to do more research about this topic before carrying out a low carbohydrate diet plan for yourself.

Generally, our body will generate energy from fats when carbohydrate in our body is insufficient. Although low carbohydrate diet plan is not official diet plan in any weight loss plans, most of people would think that it would be one of the effective ways to lose weight in short of time.

Study shows that the levels of good cholesterol in our body can be increased gradually if we reduce the carbohydrate intake. When comes to low carbohydrate diet plan, I could assume that it would be the best diet plan for those who have heart problem. It means that you could still have your healthy diet plan to keep yourself healthy, and heart problem is not an excuse anymore for weight loss plan. Furthermore, the amount of triglycerides can also be reduced in our body. Triglycerides is dangerous to our body especially you have a high level of bad cholesterol and LDL in your body. Eventually it could lead to the risk of heart disease.

Back to the topic, low carbohydrate diet plan definitely works for certain body type, especially for endomorph and mesomorph. But then again, you should understand the pros and cons of low carbohydrate diet plan first before making your final decision in your weight loss plan. I have sorted out some information for your own reference, if you have any additional ideas about low carbohydrate diet plan, do not hesitate to drop me a comment.

Pros of Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

1. Rapid weight loss  (no starving)

2. maintain blood sugar levels; good for dieters who have diabetics.

3. No excessive carbohydrate can be stored in body and turn into body fat.

Cons of Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

1. High cholesterol level due to the increasing intake of meats or poultry as a replacement of rice and breads.

2. Osteoporosis due to the lack of calcium.

3. Headaches, feel exhausted easily.

But, if you are ready and still insist to have a low carbohydrate diet plan in your weight loss plan, hereby I would have some tips for you in order to make a success in your weight loss plan.

Success in your weight loss plan

1. Avoid dehydration by consuming adequate of water per day (approximately 8 glass).

2. Consume fiber and vitamin supplement to maintain your health.

3. Adequate sugar intake in the morning to maintain blood sugar level.

4. Reduce your caffeine intake as it could cause your heart rate unstable.

5. Mind your carbohydrate intake daily.

6. No starving in your weight loss plan.

7. Keep yourself with a weight loss diary to keep you in track.

8. Implement exercise plan in your weight loss plan.

9. Keep yourself at least 8 hours sleeping time. Enough rest is important in weight loss plan.

10.Keep yourself away from junk food, or foods that contain saturated fats.

As a conclusion, low carbohydrate diet plan could be effective for you, if you follow the basic rules to plan your own diet plan in your weight loss plan. And again, the consistency is a must though out your weight loss plan. Good luck.

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