10 Ways of Getting Rid of Extra Weight

The most common kind of advice we usually get when trying to lose weight is doing exercises and taking a balanced diet. While these methods are effective if properly followed, there are other simpler procedures and techniques you may also follow to help you lose weight. Below are some 10 ways of getting rid of those extra weight:

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# 1 – Prepare your own meals

By preparing your meals, you will get the opportunity of controlling your portions. For you to have a successful transition to self prepared meals, do not change everything straight away. It is advisable that you begin with one meal as you progress to others. For instance, change your breakfast by preparing a nutritious and low calorie breakfast that includes eggs or oatmeal with a bit of salad or fruit smoothie.

# 2 – Incorporate color blue into your day to day life more regularly

As strange as it seems, the color blue is a quite effective appetite depressant. Serve your meals, on blue plates, cover your table in a blue cloth and dress in blue while you eat! Avoid the colors orange, red and yellow in your dining area.

# 3 – Position a mirror opposite your normal eating place

This is another interesting technique that helps you lose weight. One study established that taking your meals in front of your mirror cuts the amount of food consumed by almost one-third. It is believed that looking at yourself in the mirror while eating stops over-indulgence.

# 4 – Serve your meals restaurant style

Serve your meals on plates instead of serving them in bowls. This means that once you clear your plate, you are done; there is no room for additions.

# 5 – Steer clear of white foods

Health specialists always advise that we should reduce the intake of carbohydrates in our diets. This is because excessive amounts of carbohydrates such as those from sugars and white floor can easily lead to weight gain and increase in blood sugar levels. Alternatively, we ought to include sufficient brown rice and whole grain in our meals.

# 6 – Take ordinary coffee

Avoid fancy coffee drinks because their ingredients such as whipped cream, syrups and milk are full of calories. An ordinary cup of coffee with skim milk contains lower calorie content.

# 7 – Eat calmly and unhurriedly

After every bite of food you make, put down your fork and spoon and sip water time after time. Talk with your partner or family about how your day was within these intervals. If you take your food without hurry, your brain will signal that you no longer require more food in your system after a period of time.

# 8 – Take more salads

Fruits and green leafy vegetables are not only highly nutritious, but they have low calorie contents as well. These foods are easily digested by the body; giving you more energy and boosts your metabolism rates. A faster metabolism rate means that more fat is burnt in the body.

# 9 – Do not skip meals

Most of us fall for this temptation – starving ourselves. Skipping meals is unhealthy and counter-productive. The body is naturally adapted to sustain itself during periods of low food supply by going into ‘starvation mode.’ This means that it will desperately cling to all fat reserves until normal supply is resumed.

# 10 – Hire someone

Finally, hire a good personal trainer to motivate and inspire you as endeavor towards your goals. Such professionals will help you stay on your feet and not lose focus.

In conclusion, losing that extra weight may be an enormous task, but if you follow the correct procedures and have the right motivation and enthusiasm to match, you will eventually fulfill your goals.

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