Do You Feel Hurt When People are saying You Are FAT??

Weight Loss Plan is vital if you face any kind of weight issues. Weight loss plan is not a short term battle, but it is a war in the long run to fight for your healthy life style. Therefore, if you are still trying to postpone your weight loss plan, then you are likely to stay ‘fat’ in your life style, instead of ‘fit’.

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I want to lose down my body weight 

Yesterday, I was making a mistake to my colleague – Angeline. I teased her with a word ‘fat’ which is very sensitive for a girl. If she thinks that she is fat, and the ‘fat’ comes from your mouth to her, it will be very hurt. Eventually, she ended up with a positive mindset – “I want to lose down my body weight with a healthy weight loss plan within 5 months!” She mentioned her thought via texting to my cell phone after few hours.

Initially, she was so angry with me, as I said “You are FAT!” in front of my other colleagues. I kept apologizing with her and I promised to treat her a meal (I plan to suggest a diet plan to her, if it is considered as ‘acceptable’ from her perception), and also a healthy weight loss plan. Be frankly speaking, she is charming and pretty, but she faces some weight issues (baby fat) for her outlook.

Is the time to carry out a weight loss plan

Luckily, she realizes that this is the time to carry out a weight loss plan. She turned the negative mindset into her own weight loss motivation, I was so happy and pleased to encourage her to carry out her weight loss plan as soon as possible, since she is still enthusiasm in losing her body weight within this 5 months.

She is a very open-minded girl. She is easily to be mingled with. But when comes to “weight loss, fat loss”, you can see that she is very serious (no joke) for that particular topics. I strongly believe that, there is nobody would prefer a fat outlook for their appearance, how about you?

Discipline and Consistency are very important 

It is not easy, but yet difficult to make a success in a healthy weight loss plan. But then again, I would like to repeat that: “discipline and consistency” are very important when comes to a healthy weight loss plan. Undeniable, you can design and customize a very ideal weight loss plan, but it does not mean that you can execute it successfully if you do not have the criteria that I mentioned just now.

Do not feel angry when someone is saying you are FAT. In this case, Angeline has done her good job in the very first step of her weight loss plan – She wants to prove that she can make a success in a weight loss plan, instead of blaming others! Do not think too much whether you can carry out a weight loss plan successfully or not, just practice it!

Do always keep in mind that, you have to take action to lose down your body weight, you have to act accordingly what you want. You have to try and error for any kind of possibilities in your weight loss plan (Of course, I am not asking you to try out any drugs), before you make any conclusion about your weight issues.

start your own healthy weight loss plan today!

Last but not least, I will make a request to Angeline for sharing her weight loss experiences along this 5 months. Indirectly, the stories would help and encourage you, if you are still struggling in losing down your body weight. I wish that all of you will always have a very positive-thinking mindset, do not ever look down yourself when you face any kind of weight issues. You must stand up to fight in the battle instead of putting yourself in the bad mood. Therefore, start your own healthy weight loss plan today!

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