The Best Exercises for Better Thighs

Most women tend to carry the bulk of their weight in their thighs, and getting rid of this extra fat can be a tough task. One issue that prevents women from losing thigh fat is that they aren’t performing the proper activities to benefit their thighs, but combining fat-burning exercises with strengthening activities can help slim thighs and eliminate cellulite. If you’re having trouble losing thigh fat, consider trying the following exercises for gorgeous, slender results.


Squats have long been known as one of the best thigh exercises, but most people don’t perform the exercise with proper from. When done properly, squats can help strengthen the legs and burn fat. To do squats, stand with your feet slightly farther apart than shoulder-width. Bend your knees until your femur is parallel to the floor. When coming back up, squeeze your butt and thigh muscles for better results. Squats can also be done in variations, such as jumping after each squat or doing a calf raise each time you come up.


Like squats, lunges are also renowned as a top thigh exercise. There are countless types of lunges that are all great for your legs, especially  your thighs. For example, some variations include front, back, side, and walking lunges. All of these types of lunges will help strengthen your thighs for a more slimming figure. If you want to make it a challenge, hang onto some free weights while you perform the lunging exercises.

Walking or Running

Along with these strengthening exercises, adding cardio exercises to your workout is important for burning fat. If you really want to work on getting rid of fat, your best option is to add cardio to your routine, and running is among athletes’ favorite exercises for fast weight loss. While walking does not boost your heart rate into the cardio zone like running does, walking is also a great exercise for your legs, and adding a few miles of walking every week can help you burn extra fat. Try walking to your destination instead of driving if it’s close enough, take the time to enjoy a leisurely walk outside, or hop on the treadmill at the gym.

Hip Extensions

Another great exercise that will help tone your thighs is hip extensions. To perform this exercise, start on your hands and knees; you can also lean on your elbows if it is more comfortable. With one leg, lift your knee off the ground and extend your leg out parallel to the floor or higher. Bring your knee back to a resting point and repeat 10-15 times. Do three sets on each leg.

Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is another one of the best exercises for working out your legs, and the stairs will strengthen all of your leg muscles in addition to helping you burn fat. The best thing about this is that you can do this exercise almost anywhere, whether you’re at home, you take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, or you hop on a stair climbing machine at the gym.

Additional Tips

While all of these exercises are excellent for eliminating thigh fat and losing weight, quality results won’t come on their own. Instead, you need to couple these exercises with good eating habits by avoiding highly processed foods and by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. For more advanced toning and fat-burning exercises, add weights to your routine. If these exercises seem too advanced, start out slow and gently increase the amount of repetitions you do each day. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adding these exercises to your routine, you can expect quality, slimming results.

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