Top 10 Fitness Tips for Weight Loss Plans

 First and foremost, weight loss plan is a combination of diet plans and your exercise plans. Since we have discovered the diet plans from the previous posts, now it is the time to share the top ten fitness tips for you as a reference, when you are ready to have your own exercise plans in your weight loss plans.

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1) Certainly, it is vital to have your exercise session always, 30 minutes a day, at least three times per week. 

Although it sounds easy and we know that it is important for weight loss plans, unfortunately there are very few people are adapting the exercise plans in their weight loss plans. Only 30 percent of people could achieve the minimum number of exercise session. The key to success in weight loss plan is – the consistency of your exercise plans, it helps!

2) achieve the goals of weight loss plans within the time frame

 I suggest that you to concentrate on cardiovascular exercises in your weight loss plans, instead of doing cardiovascular and resistance exercises at the same time. This is because you shall concentrate on losing your body fat first, before getting started to tone your muscle, as weight loss plan is your main objective now, instead of body toning. I will discover the topic of body toning in the coming chapter.

3) Do not always stick on the same exercise methods. 

You are going to make yourself bored if you do not try to alternate and make your exercise plans ‘alive’. You are advised to stick on cardiovascular activities, but do your research to alternate it. For example, you could alternate your weight loss plans with jogging, cycling, dancing, and etc. It depends on how you customize it.

4) Keep yourself away from the ‘noise’ of weight loss plans. 

Some would say that it is better to have your exercise in the early morning because…. It is not true! Please bear in mind that you shall schedule your own timetable for your weight loss plans. As I told you before, you are the only one to understand your own life style, what you have to do is, your own exercise time table planning, that’s it.

5) Get a workout buddy for your weight loss plans. 

This is because you could get mentality and physically supports throughout your exercise plans. At least, you know that you are not alone to move along this way to make a success in your weight loss plans. When you feel that you are lost, I bet that your workout buddy could pull you away from your negative thinking.

6) Get ready to exercise or gym with appropriate gym suits, avoid excessive makeup!

 During the workout session, please forget about your cosmetic makeup, and how to maintain good looking while exercising, the success of your weight loss plans will keep you away. For man, do not laugh now, my advice for guys is NO FASHION SHOW during your workout session, I notice some guys do really care their hair style, their clothing (not gym suits), what is the purpose? The tips to make a success is: Focus on your exercising, not more than others.

7) Maintain your targeted heart rate zone during your exercising session.

 It helps to burn your body fat effectively, and please avoid any socializing session when you have your exercise, trust me, it spoils your weight loss plans!

8) Diet Plans. 

Yes, you have to ‘re-fuel’ your body after your workout session. Please stay away for fast foods and junk foods. For more detail, please visit my previous post about diet plans for your weight loss plans.

9) Do not over-train! 

I know for some they are really hard-working to practice their weight loss plans. But, the excessive exercise session is not a good idea in weight loss plans.

10) Last but not least, do not ever give up

find your own way to have your weight loss plans, find your way to motivate yourself, do not count on weight loss pills, do not rely on the fast weight loss machines, it does not help.

You can search about any effective weight loss plans from internet or any other sources. Once you find your own way to have your weight loss plans, be consistent, the result will be fruitful!

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