Various Vitamins and Human Weight

Vitamins are essential part of our daily diet. Our good health depends upon a sufficient daily dose of vitamins. Vitamins and human weight is one of the most researched topics. Vitamins do not only strengthen various parts of our body, but also help in weight losing. The weight watchers can use sufficient dosage of various vitamins to reduce their weight rapidly. Here, you will find the description of some vitamins that help in weight losing.

Vitamin D for a Slimmer Body

If you want to get a slimmer body and ideal shape of your body, you should increase the quantity of vitamin D in your daily diet. Unlike many other vitamins your body can manufacture the required quantity of Vitamin D if your body is exposed to the sunlight. Moreover, it enhances the ability of your body to absorb calcium that plays a vital role in weight losing process.

 If you are digesting 1,200 mg calcium daily and your body is manufacturing vitamin by absorbing calcium, you would be able to lose excessive weight in only 15 weeks. It’s an amazing fact and you can easily burn your fats by consuming sufficient quantity of vitamin D. 

You should follow the instructions given below to increase your body’s ability for manufacturing Vitamin D. Do not use sunscreens and sun blocks in the morning. The use of these products will decrease the efficiency of your body for making Vitamin D in sufficient quantity. You can increase the daily intake of cod liver oil, nuts and beans and other foods containing vitamins.

Vitamin B for Weight Losing

Vitamin B plays an important role in a rapid weight loss. Let’s explain how it interacts with the process of weight losing. Vitamin B consists of eight necessary and very important vitamins required for a better health of the people. These are water-soluble and work their best for weight losing purpose. But they work effectively if all of the vitamin B forms have been taken together. You should consume sufficient quantity of B2, B5, B3 and B6. All of them are very important for weight losing process. They can enhance the function of metabolism and make your thyroid healthier. Good source for these vitamins are eggs, wheat bran and oats, etc.


This vitamin is one of the most important vitamins for reducing weight rapidly. Egg yolk, peanuts and wheat germs are good sources for this vitamin. When you are not taking sufficient intakes of Choline, there is a blockage in the functions of liver due to excessive fats. Your daily intake of Choline will help your liver in functioning properly without being blocked by excessive fats.

Vitamin C

If you want to get a slimmer body and want to reduce your excessive weight fast, you should increase the daily dose of vitamin C in your meals. Vitamin C is greatly helpful in converting glucose to the energy and thus, the glucose does not get stored in the body. Good source of vitamin C are lemon, broccoli, strawberries, blackcurrants and oranges. You can take them directly or you can take them in juice form to consume fast.

Vitamin C

Vitamin A and Weight Loss

Vitamins and human weight can never be ignored. Vitamin A is an essential part of weight losing process. If you want to lose your excessive weight, you should take heavy intake of vitamin A on a daily basis. According to the experts, the deficiency of Vitamin A can cause a rapid weight loss and many other problems such as acne, bumpy skin or boils, etc. It may also cause of fatigue, insomnia and dry scalp. So, you should take sufficient amount of vitamin A for a rapid weight loss. 

A recommended dose of vitamin A for losing weight rapidly is 5,000 IU/day for males and 4,000 IU/day for females. It should be noted that the above-mentioned daily dose of vitamin A is minimum. You can increase the quantity of vitamin A as per your weight lose requirements. Vitamin A is present in wheat, milk, egg-yolk, dark green vegetables (leafy), liver, carrots and yellow fruits, etc.

In short, vitamins and human weight is a widely researched topic and it is true that the weight watchers can reduce their excessive weight by taking sufficient intake of Vitamin A, B, C and D on a daily basis. These cannot only boost the process of weight losing, but also can make them healthier. They will not feel hunger and weakness while following a diet plan. A daily dose of these vitamins will also save them from side-effects of diet plans, but you should use these vitamins with the combination of other food items.

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