Weight Loss Tips: Avoiding Calorific Foods with Healthier Substitutes

According to nutritionists and health and fitness experts, you will not be able to lose weight if you do not make changes in your lifestyle. Sure, you can try the latest fad diet that “promises” results after a few weeks but in most cases, you are likely to revert back your old habits of eating oily potato chips in front of the television.

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There are two major lifestyle changes that you need to do: exercise regularly and eat healthier. Both are not easy to do especially if you are used to a sedentary lifestyle and your typical meals consist of burgers, soda and fried chicken. The key here is doing the change gradually and you can start the weight loss process by substituting fatty and calorific foods with healthier alternatives.

Meat, Poultry and Fish

When it comes to meat and poultry, choose leaner cuts or trim the fat off from high-fat cuts. Instead of choosing a T-bone or a rib eye steak that comes with a layer of fat, opt for a tenderloin steak instead. If you can, avoid eating beef and other types of high-calorie and fatty meat such as lamb and mutton altogether and substitute them with poultry and fish.

When buying chicken or turkey, selecting white meat (breasts) is a good choice because it contains fewer calories than the wing or the leg. Ask the butcher to remove the skin as well. You can also opt for ground chicken or ground turkey instead of ground beef or ground pork or ground lamb.

Fresh fish and seafood are great alternatives to meat and there are a lot of healthy recipes that you can cook with them. If you are buying canned fish, make sure that they are packed in water and avoid the ones that contain oil.

Fruits and Vegetables

Your meals should always include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruits are great snacks and desserts but keep in mind that some fruits have a higher calorie content than others. For example, an apple has 95 calories while an orange has only 62 calories. Also, avoid eating dried fruits, canned fruits and fruits in sweetened syrup because they are loaded with calories and sugar.

Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to get rid of the free radicals that damage your cells. They are also known to prolong life, increase your energy and enhance the suppleness of your skin. However, your method of preparing your vegetables and the other foods you eat it with can be factors in your weight loss so you have to watch out for these as well.


Dairy products are a great source of protein and calcium that your body needs for strong bones and energy. Nevertheless, most dairy products are also high in fat and calorie content because they are animal-derived products. Fortunately, there are healthier substitutes for these. If you are fond of cheeses, step away from cheddar and cream cheese and opt for mozzarella and cottage cheese instead. You can also look for low-fat cheese varieties as well. Alternatives for full-cream milk include half-half, low fat milk, nonfat milk and soy milk. Get plain yogurt instead of flavored yogurt because flavored varieties are high in sugar. To add flavor to plain yogurt, you can sweeten it with honey, vanilla extract or fresh fruit.

Oils and Dressings

Oils and dressings are major culprits to having a high calorie diet so look for healthier choices for these. You can either lessen the amount of butter or shortening or replace it with extra virgin olive oil. For baking, you can substitute applesauce for oil or butter. Use non-stick cookware to cook your food because it does not require too much oil.

For salad dressings, avoid the ones with mayonnaise or choose the low fat or nonfat version. You can also use vinegar-based salad dressings or use lemon juice and other aromatics such as onions and garlic to add flavor to your vegetable salads.


Some drinks are also high in calories and sugar that do not help in weight loss. These drinks include soda, coffee from coffee shops and alcoholic drinks. Prepare your own coffee and avoid using too much cream and sugar, or better yet, substitute cream with soy milk and sugar with honey or a shot of vanilla. Avoid soda and alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of water (at least eight glasses daily) instead.

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